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Business Services

Over the years, we have developed the proper methods and procedures to create award-winning facilities. Most importantly we have the capability to oversee every aspect of a course in order to truly add value to its owners. As part of our experience, we understand the vital importance of building solid working relationships with our owners to open the doors toward profitability.


Explore what services we can provide, discover how we can make your golf course be more efficient, and then contact us to arrange a meeting. We are certain that we will be an invaluable asset to your organization.


Accounting and reporting financial information is a vital link to the overall management of a golf course. With state-of-the-art systems and time-tested procedures, which have been developed by persons with exceptional expertise and operational experience, The Winsford Group is capable of providing quality control and information gathering/dissemination techniques critical to golf course success.


The Human Resources Department at The Winsford Group acts as a support service to employees at all levels of the company, providing updated information and answering any questions that personnel may have. Through Human Resources, employees are provided with updated employee manuals, in both English and Spanish, ongoing training, health benefits and 401(k) plans for those who qualify. Human Resources also is a ready resource for our golf course management teams assisting with all their employee relations, payroll, benefits and workers’ compensation needs.



We utilize a state-of-the-art electronic point-of-sale system, including the application for tee time reservations. This technology offers increasingly flexible report generation, greater report detail and expanded inventory and round tracking capabilities. Each clubhouse is networked to maximize effectiveness, allowing the utilization of multiple control mechanisms, further simplifying report generation and allowing for perpetual, real-time inventory management throughout any given month.


Quality PGA professionals and spirited, talented, and devoted staff, under the supervision of merchandising experts, make our golf shops an enjoyable and profitable part of the golfing experience. Our national size, and regionally focused management teams provide corporate buying advantages that increase owner profits especially with regards to marketing, range balls, pro shop merchandise, and other such materials.


Having prepared, motivated employees at every level of the operation is the key to achieving lasting success as a company. Unmotivated employees are often employees who lack confidence and have not received the proper training to do their job well. Training begins the moment an employee becomes part of our team. Every employee at a golf course managed by The Winsford Group attends a new hire orientation to ensure full understanding of our philosophies and goals. At The Winsford Group, learning is shared and transferred so problems are recognized and addressed quickly. In this way, managers are able to draw upon a network of knowledge, ideas, and experience to creatively address difficult issues ranging from turfgrass disease to local marketing challenges.

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